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Typical Benefits of Laser Vision Correction Surgery

Laser eye surgery continues to be one of the best solutions for vision correction on the market. And as the economy continues its steady recovery, more and more people are considering investing in this life-changing procedure. If you are one of these people, we have identified a couple of the most common benefits that patients associate with laser vision correction, for your consideration:Eye with globe - Northern New Jersey Eye Institute

  • Stellar success rate: Laser vision correction as a whole has an excellent success rate. Surgeries typically result in a dramatic improvement in vision and are usually accomplished without any lasting complications. Despite the aforementioned success rate, we always encourage prospective patients to utilize third party recommendations when selecting a center for laser vision correction in New Jersey.  There are a number of centers throughout the tri-state area, and competition for patients can be high, so referring to impartial sites like the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org) can help set your mind at ease.
  • Fast recovery time: The laser vision correction process itself is a quick process; on average the procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete. But more important from the patient’s perspective is the speedy healing process, which only takes a few days. Immediately following the surgery, a patient might have blurry or hazy vision. But inside of a week’s time vision has improved to the point where the patient can see clearly without having to wear eyeglasses.
  • Relatively painless: Post-operative pain varies on a patient-by-patient basis, but according to most people who undergo the procedure, any pain that exists subsides within a week. The most common side effect of laser vision correction is a condition known as dry eyes, but this is highly treatable.

A final point of advice: before coming to a final decision on Laser vision correction surgery, schedule a consultation with a team of eye surgeons that's established in the industry. There is simply no substitute for meeting with your caretakers, in person, so you can ask them each and every question you have about the procedure.