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Restylane ® is one of the newest injectable, non-surgical facial treatments designed to slow and hide the effects of aging. Restylane® filler injections are composed of a clear hyaluronic acid-based gel that not only fills in lines and wrinkles in the face, but also adds moisture and lubrication to the skin, making it feel younger and more comfortable. To learn more about Restylane®, including the cost, benefits, and possible complications, please read the sections below.
Restylane ® is a clear, non-animal-based, biodegradable gel that is composed of hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the body. Originally developed in Sweden, Restylane® filler injections are now marketed in the United States by Medicis, a leading pharmaceutical company that offers a wide range of other skin treatments. Restylane® is created from tissue cultivated in a laboratory, and is an excellent alternative to other fillers such as collagen and Hylaform®, which are both derived from animal products.