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BOTOX Treatment

Here at the Northern New Jersey Eye Institute, our focus is to keep your eyes feeling good. And sometimes the best way to feel good is to look good. That’s why we offer BOTOX Cosmetic treatments at our clinic. As eye care professionals, we ensure that we administer the treatments with the long-term health of your eyes firmly in focus.

BOTOX injections are made of a solution of purified, diluted botulinum toxin. The injection acts to freeze the muscles in the affected area, which causes the muscles to contract less frequently and stop forming wrinkles. An injection can last up to four months. Patients often see the results fade after a few months, and it is safe to have repeat injections when the wrinkles start to return to the affected area. It’s an attractive alternative to plastic surgery, as there isn’t any recovery time.  BOTOX treats the muscles around the eyes, not the eyes themselves.

BOTOX Cosmetic has been administered 11 million times over the past decade. It was the first FDA-approved botulinum toxin and it starts to take effect in the first 24-48 hours after the injection takes place. BOTOX Cosmetic helps temporarily relieve the damage that years of squinting and frowning inflicts on our patient’s faces, and does so in such a way that they still look like themselves.

BOTOX might not be for everyone, but our professional staff will give you a full evaluation that ensures the safest, most effective course of action. Come schedule a consultation today and see if Northern New Jersey Eye Institute can give you the BOTOX Cosmetic Treatments that will have you looking your best in no time at all!