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Patient Testimonials

The following is a collection of kind letters and notes sent to the Doctors and Staff of The Northern NJ Eye Institute..

"Procedure was on time and excellent staff and doctors."

Joseph C., November 2016



Joan W., November 2016

"From the bottom of my heart and my family, we wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.  Thank You Dr. Crane and thans toyour staff and the anesthestic doc for being a very caring person.  I thank all of your staff and my Dr. Crane for being a cheerful person.  God Bless You All."

"As long as there are staff professional people like all of you, there will always be smiling faces like my coming out of this office going home happy."  Thank you All!"

Margarita V., December 2016

"There's really nothing to say.  Each and every person in this place are professional and excellent.  Continue this way always."

Margarita V., December 2016

"I had trouble from my primary insurance and staff (Kelly) was VERY persistent and helpful in solving the problem.  Thank You."

George W., November 2016


"Now having had the surgery complete on both eyes, I look forward to the continuing improvement in my quality of life without glasses.  I would urge patients to use your services (I have already referred a family member), and if possible, opt for hte procedure that enables corrected vision without the need of glasses for distance far or near!!"

Rodney W., October 2016


"Every aspect of my procedure was excellent.  Thank You

Patricia M. October 2016


"I would like to give them all a Big Hug.  I can see again!!!!"

Franklin N., September 2016


"At first I was afraid of the unknown and quite nervous, but my driver of the van reassured me of how excellent Doctor Crane was and put me at ease.  Everyone was very nice and informative.  Everything was explained completely.  I had no surprises.  I am very pleased with my care.  Thank You!"

Louise H., September 2016

 "The help you provided with the wheelchair was beyond necessary functions and exemplary."

Paul Y. September 2016


"I am thankful to Dr. Crane and his wonderful staff, who have accepted me as part of this study.  Today is my first post op day.  My vision is better and am not in any pain.  This is a good service and I would like others to know about it.  I have also receivedtelephone calls reminding me to instill my eye drops and to make sure I was ok.  This helps enhance healing and strongly  recommend this service to everyone.  You will not be disappointed.

Selena B., August 2016

  "I was treated with such courtesy and kindness for this I am very thankful.  Thanks also to the driver who was so kind and caring."

Selena B., August 2016

" Surgery was quick & painless.  I was never uncomfortable.  Everyone explained or answered anyinquries.  The estimated pick up time was accurate.  I am grateful.

Diane C., August 2016

  "I had a wonderful experience at the Northern New Jersey Eye Institute.  The entire staff was extremely helpfuland they went up above & beyond to ensure I was comfortable at every appointment!  The professionalism that was displayed is second to none.  I will recommend Northern New Jersey Eye Institute to everyone and anyone who needs future eye care.  Thank you Northern New jersey Eye Institute for all that you do to make all of us see the world through a much clearer lens!!!

God Bless,

Ron M., July 2016

"Dear Dr.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent services that you are rendering to the people worldwide.  I am so grateful for the successful surgery you performed on my eyes.  Those who knew me before the surgery couldn't believe who performed such wonders on my eyes.  God bless you."

Agyen D., July 2016

"Thank You Dr. Charles Crane.  God bless you and make you greater than what you are today.  My family and friends in Ghana are so grateful to you.  You have made me be able to see and read without glasses.  My left eye is  wide oopen after your professional and excellent surgery.  Thank you and all your wonderful staff.  See you again in 2017."

Agyen D., July 2016

"I appreciate walking in your office without being able to see and leaving the office seeing clear without glasses.  My vision is better than ever.  I want to thank Dr. Crane & Staff.

J.W. April 2016


"My surgery went very well.  I was pleased with the medical staff, explaining everything before and after it happened.  I never had to wonder what was happening because someone was always there to tell me."

Rose D., March 2016

"Kudos to Dr. Cranefor his expertise and superior quality of service and to his staff for their support and professionalism!  As is often the case these days, when interacting with "people of a certain age", like me, the subject of health care/eye care arises, I confidently suggest/recommend Dr. Crane and Northern New jersey Eye Institute.  Keep doing what you do."

Bobbie R., March 2016

 "I have never observed a medical office run as efficiently as this one.  Every member of the staff is nicer than the next one.  Like a well oiled maching.  I will definetly recommend this office to any one that needs the services provided.  Thanks for everything."

Marvin S & Rona W, February 2016

 Dr. Crane

" Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my Dance-A-Thon for Gaucher Disease!  Your generous donation is greatly appreciated.  Together we reaised over $16,000 for the National Guacher foundation and helped to spread invaluable awareness abot Gaucher Disease, its diagnosis and treatment options."

Lindsay, January 2016

"Thank you for your heartfelt generosity and support!  Your participation ensured the dance-a-thon was a huge success and that the NGF continues to help may families - Thank You!"

Amy B. National Gaucher Foundation Inc. January 2016

"As I attended each visit, Iwas explained the procedure, and what was to be expected.  Everything went as was expected, the concern, compassion and knowledge was surperb.  I am totally satisfied.  P.S. Transportation and Driver A+".

Dolores H.  January 2016

"I found your staff starting with your driver Elwood to the reception group, technical personnel, nurses and of course, Dr. Crane to be caring and very professional.  Thank each and everyone of you."

Judy C. January 2016

"I've worn glasses since I was a little girl and hated having to do so - more and more as I grew up.  I would have done anything not to wear them.  So you would think when I was told I needed eye surgery and that with a lens implant I would only need glasses to read, I would be so happy.  I wasn't - I was afraid of surgery.  I trusted Dr. Crane but I was still afraid.  THen I decided on surgery and when after a few hours oafter recouperating, I could not believe how happy I was to see!   The staff was so caring, attentive and, of course, competent, that I want to thank each of them.  Surgery was one of the most positive, uplifting thing (gift) I every gave myself!"

Judy C. January 2016


"The follow up call on the day of my procedure was appreciated.  It is comforting to know that this facility cares about their patients at all stages of their care."

Carol G.  January 2016

 "Dr. Spier, Thank you so much for such an amazing and smooth procedure.  You are the best.  I have been waiting for the day I could see without glasses for so long.  I couldn't be more happy.  So, again, thank you so much!"

Robert R. December 2015


"Dr. Crane was wonderful!  Dr. Crane's staff wee very polite and professional.  The surgical room was very clean and the nurses were great.  The anesthesiologist was very reasuring.  I was very nervous and everyone put me at ease!"

Linda C. October 2015

"I was very fearful, apprehensive and nervous prior to my cataract surgery.  The staff was so friendly, as well as highly professional and helped to put me at ease.  Everything was explained to me in detail - even some of my "silly" questions.  I was very pleased.  Thank you."

Rona W. August 2015

"Excellent care and concern.  Very smooth recovery."

Merna M. August 2015

"I was nervous about the surgery but as soon as the staff began working with me they were very reassuring and seemed to know exactly what they were doing so my fears were calmed immediately.  It was also very helpful that you allowed my daughter to be with me every stage of the procedure.  The pre-op information and directions were good and the doctors discription of the procedure were very accurate."

Bernice R. August 2015

"Thanks to Dr. Crane and the staff.  The surgery was good and I have no pain.  I am looking forward to my new vision.  Again, thanks to Dr. Crane.  I will refer anyone to Northern NJ Eye Institute"

Rosalind B. August 2015

"Everything was great all around.  It made me feel like a new person."

Machelle S. August 2015

"It was amazing as I didn't feel a thing!"

Carol Jean C. August 2015

"I had a wonderful time.  The doctor and all the staff treat like a queen.  Thanks to all."

Iraida S. July 2015

"Great, no down time.  Dr. Crane & his team are wonderful" 

Machelle S. July 2015

"Dear Dr. Crane, I did not realize that cataracts had diminished my eyesight.  The recent surgery you performed restored my ability to see finer details and enjoy more vivid colors.  Thank you for giving me a brighter "outlook" on life."

Filomena F., July 2015

"Dear Dr. Spier, Thank you millions for doing such an outstanding job!"

With Deep Appreciation, Rhoda July 2015

"Dear Dr. Crane, Thank you for always treatment my mom with dignity and respect.  You were so kind"

Sincerely, Jane C. June 2015

"All of the nurses, staff and technicians were extremely nice as well as Dr. Crane.  I would highly recommend the eye institute.  And also many thanks to our wonderful transportation driver Elwood - a wonderful gentleman"

Patricia P. June 2015

"All the staff in the OR/Surgery area were particularly nice and sensitive to my needs.  Excellent.

Raul L. June 2015


Ause D. June 2015

"Office/Nursing Staff very friendly and nice/very professional service".

Jose G. June 2015

"The staff is friendly, courteous, informative and professional!  Their manner and professionalism put me at ease."

Rose G. June 2015

"All the staff in the OR/Surgery area were particularly nice and sensitive to my needs"

Susan W. May 2015

 "I was a very frightened patient who bcame calm being in your medial care.  Thank you Dr. Spier, Kathy my nurse and all the staff members for being so professional, pleasant and kind."

Esther K. April 2015

Dr. Crane & Staff,

"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

Helen K. March 2015

"What a well-trained, service oriented, cheerful and professional staff.  Most pleased with the way my surgery was handled and I am deeply appreciative.  Thank you kindly."

 Ronald J. March 2015

"Everyone was very skilled and considerate.  The surgery was amazing.  It seemed to be over in a few minutes and was not painful.  The best thing is that I will be able to drive at night with no fear."

Edith M. February 2015

"I felt very secure and that all the staff made me feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.  Their answers to my questions were very precise.  Also Dr. Spier and the operating staff showed such beautiful and gentle bedside manner with concern for their patients."

Michele C. February 2015

"Sending me home with the plant was a nice touch and very thoughtful!  Dr. Gunzburg is one of the best doctors I've ever seen, spends time with you to answer questions and makes you comfortable, does not rush you out."

Debbie D. February 2015

"Dr. Crane, we wish to thank you for a successful operation.  It is a true miracle, going from darkness to see the light again!We surely won't hesitate to recommend you to our neighbors and friends."

Edith & Angelo January 2015

"An awesome team!  I fell in love with everyone!!"

Albert O. January 2015

 "An A+ all the way.  Thank you for your superb job along with the outstanding professionalism exhiited by your well-schooled and patient oriented staff.  I am deeply appreciative."

Ronald B. June 2014

 "Both my husband and I had been wearing glasses since we were youngsters.  What a wonderful feeling to awaken each day after our surgeries and be able to see the alarm clock.  The world is filled with wonderful things of many colors whcih we now see.  Our surgeries were just great.  The entire procedure takes about 1/2 hour.  The staff is kind and supportive and Dr. Crane is "one in a million" .  Dr. Crane is concerned about each individual person and their special needs.  The tone and atmosphere which Dr. Crane creates filters down throughout the entire office.  We have told several of our friends about our great experience with the "eye opening experience".  One of our friends has already had his two operations.  He too is delighted.  We are glad to share ouor doctor with all of those who need his wonderful services."

Paul & Jacquenline F. April 2014

"The whole team was great!

Beverly C. April 2014

"Amazing! So Quick!  Fast!  During the surgery felt no pain, no discomfort, nothing.  WOW!"

Alberto P. April 2014

"Came in scared to death of this procedure.  Doctor and staff were excellent and put me at ease.  After a couple of weeks I started seeing perfect and couldn't wait to have my other eye done."

Aurora R. April 2014

"It was fun! No pain, no worry, no kidding!  New Experience!

Edward H. March 2014

Dear Dr. Spier,

"Just a note to thank you (again!) for restoring my vision - and for your interest in my competitions.  I played well at Nationals - due to the fact that I could see the 40mm ball flying toward me at high speeds.  Thank you so much and warm regards,"

Rhoda.  February 2014

"Painless, flawless, seemingly effortless.  This would describe my cataract surgery performed by D. Crane and his gifted surgical team at Northern New Jersey Eye Institute.  From the moment I entered the prep area, Ruth and Kristen put me at ease and quietly explained the procedures that would be followed both before and after surgery.  After my surgery, Ruth graciously declined my request for a Taylor ham and egg but did manage some tasty treats before I left.  My sincere thanks to all people involved."

Alan S. January 2014

"I came becuase of the recommendation of two patients who gave high praise to Dr. Gonzalez but the clincher was the rides provided.  Dr. Spier did the surgery and he and his surgical staff rate 5 stars.  I have only high praise for the Elizabeth and South Orange offices and for Elwood for his rides."

Donald J. December 2013

" While I have been aware of Dr. Crane's skill as a surgeon from past family experience, I still found myself somewhat amazed, from a patient's point of view, at the seeming simplicity of my cataract surgery.  As to the surgery itself, it was smoothly handled from the time I entered the surgery unit and immediately cared for by Terri and Chris.  I couldn't help but notice the smooth flow of patients coming out of surgery.  Each in turn was given the same prompt, efficient, yet at the same time, friendly and caring attention that was accorded to me.  If there was one drawback to the surgery in a manner of speaking, it is simply that my vision in the right eye is so much clearer and brighter than it had been that it was a shock to note how many wrinkles on my face are now painfully staring back at me from the mirror that had been somewhat muted before.  My thanks to all parties involved and I look forward to having the left eye done in January."

Alan S. November 2013

"Great Staff - caring, informative and very patient.  THey answered all my questions and concerns - which was very important to me.  THey are a very special group of women who truly care about the patient - very rare to find these days.  My thanks to all of them and also to you, Dr. Crane, for a job well done."

Gloria P. November 2013

"I have to say that I think every staff member that had interaction with me was informative, courteous, friendly and treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism.  The area where the surgery was prformed had the appearance of being run by a true professional group.  By the actions of all in the surgical area you could tell they were honestly concerned about the patient's wellbeing.  It is no uncommon for any individual to be at least a little nervous when having any surgical procedure performed.  However the group makes the procedure seem so simple by explaining each step.  I believe, for most individuals, their fears are relieved and their nervousness diminishes almost completely.  They took their time to explain the pending procedure.  More importantly after the procedure was completed they made a special effect to explain the proper actions that you needed to follow upon your arrival home.  I could tell by talking to Dr. Crane he really enjoys (and is exceptionally good at) what he does.  When it comes time to have the same procedure performed on my left eye I will definetly be contacting him to make those arrangements.

Robert C. October 2013

"Came with high anxiety - left with great relief that the staff was excellent and kept the edge off me.  Thank you.  Everything went smoothly.  Beautiful."

Donald J. October 2013

"All staff members treated me with respect and were concerned with my comfort"

John L. October 2013

"Your eye institute was the only one listed with the Better Business Bureau.  After cataract surgery in your facility, I understand why.  Your center is run professionaly and your staff is efficient, patient and friendly.  I have already two friends considering coming to you.  Dr. Spier impressed me with his calm and controlled manner.  Thank You All!"

Filomenda B. September 2013 

"I was amazed after my surgery how much my vision improved.  The brightness of colors, the clearness and sharpness of signs in the distance, even my close up vision improved.  It does not seem adequate to tell you I had a great experience with Dr. Crane and everyone at the Northern NJ Eye Institute.  Everyone was helpful, friendly, and professional.  You felt in "good hands" from beginning to end.  I am very happy and my world is brighter!"

Judy R. September 2013

"The best experience!  The staff treat you like family.  Dr. Spier and NNJEI staff go far and beyond to meet all your needs.  Thank God for them!"

Myrna W.S.  September 2013

 Dear Dr. Charles Crane,

"The greatest gift of man is light, I delight in the simple pleasures of life that warm the heart.  A smile crosses my lips when I think back on the morning of 5/20/13 when you did surgery on my rt. eye lid.  After the surgery was completed, I heard a calm soothing whistling sound.  I assumed that whistle was coming from Dr. Charles J. Crane.  His assurance of satisfaction, A Job Well Done.

At this time of writing, my rt. eye looks normal, no blurry vision when I walk in bright sunshine.  I only wear glasses to read fine print.  I can read normal print without having to wear glasses.  Thanks also for your dedicated, compassionate and caring employees."

Daphne M. August 2013

Dear Doctor Spier,

"Just a quick note to reiterate my appreciation for all you have done for me over the last decade: your professionalism, expertise, counsel, sympathy, availability and approachability.  All of this has been invaluable to me.  On behalf of myself, my family and close friends who know your role, I thank you immensely for all you've done heretofore.  I look forward to seeing you in several weeks."

Stephen E. July 2013

"You are all the nicest people, such a well run facility.  I have total confidence in Dr. Crane!!"

Linda S. July 2013

"Dear Dr. Crane,  Because you care about people, I have the gift of my sight back.  Thank you for being a part of Mission Cataract and thank you for having Dr. Gunzburg on staff.  May our lord bless you."

Bob L. July 2013

Dear Dr. Gunzburg,

"Because of your "gift" my signt is excellent.  My vision is 20/20 as you said it would be for distance.  I am so very grateful to you all for restoring my sight.  May our Lord bless you doctor."

Bob L. July 2013

"Thank God for Mission Doctors!"

June T, June 2013

"All the members of the surgery area staff were excellent - gracious, helpful and hard-working.  Roslyn inpre-op was especially considerate of everyone. 5 *'s for Elwood."

Barbara G. June 2013

"All of the staff was exceptional, outstanding, kind and concerned as was Dr Crane.  Prior to my surgery I had many fears and concerns especialy due to other physical and allergic conditions.  Both Dr. Crane and nursing staff put me at ease and walked me through the surgery, called me at home to make sure that I was well post op.  Many thanks to you all!  The world is much brighter due to your efforts."

Jacqueline F. June 2013

"Dr Gunzburg and entire staff were excellent.  I was very informed and felt at east during entire process:

Nancy V. May 2013

"The whole office is run with efficiency, courtesy & gentleness.  The most impressive aspect of Northern Eye Institute is the doctor's and staff's willingness to make the patient comfortable enough to answer any and every question we have.  I can't count the times I asked questions, some of them multiple times.  I was never made to feel like I am a bother and no one ever rushed me.  I was treated like I was the only patient the clinic had.  This is really saying alot at a time when healthcare providers operate like an assembly line.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Aster Y. April 2013

"This team works like one of the best swiss watches."

Tamara I. March 2013

"Everyone was nice, friendly & helpful.  A nice surprise in an age where most people don't take the time to be nice.  Thank you for a good experience, I was pretty nervous."

Sandra L. February 2013

"There are particularly three things I like about this facility, you don't have to sit around int he waiting room forever-my appointments are respected, the office runs with great efficiency and the appointment reminder calls are appreciated.

Aster Y. February 2013

"Thank God and thank you, Dr. Crane.  Believe me when I say, you did an excellent job on me!  My doctor said to me "don't worry about Dr Crane, He's the worlds best and believe me - You Are!"

Peral D. January 2013

"The nurses/technicians couldn't have been more pleasant & informative - eager to make me comfortable and informed. I was extremely nervous prior to surgery - everyone went out of their way to help me in everyway. I couldn't have asked for better care & support prior, during and post surgery. Dr. Crane was lovely & accessible and is very fortunate to have such a devoted & caring staff. I thank everyone, Mary, Roz, Ashley and everyone that participated in my surgery." Joanne F. December 2012

Joanne F. December 2012

"Professionalism at it's best!"

Unknown December 2012

"Completely satisfied with the professional care provided as well las having all questions and concerns answered prior to procedure."

Jerome D. December 2012

"This was a professional caring staff. Dr. Spier is a wonderful professional doctor."

Angela P. December 2012

"Sometimes the gifts that can't be wrapped are the very best gifts of all. Gifts that change lives, and light up sight and smiles with outstanding services. Keep up the good work!"

Daphne M. November 2012

Dr. Spier,

"I was very impressed with everyone at the NJ Eye Institute.  All were very professional and answered any questions that I had, the surgery was painless and quick - Thank All of You!"

Charles F. - September 2012

Dr. Spier,

"Everyone was helpful and caring.  Every step was explained to me.  I was very well pleased."

Hilda B. - September 2012

Dr. Crane,

"You and your staff made me feel like a real live person, instead of just a number.  You were all warm calming yet professional energy was obvious.  Mary, Maria, Ashley, Roz and Ben were great, alson Christing in Elizabeth and Elwood the taxi guy.  I shall always be grateful to you Dr. "Eye Bright".  I will recommend your center to all.  Wishing Gods blessings upon all.

Best Regards

AT August 2012

Dr. Siegel,

"I want to thank you for your thoughtful careduring my recent visits.  With your advice I can now master some important aspects of my life.  The reading device is a great help.  Thanks for directing me to it."


LJ August 2012

Dr. Crane,

"I can't think of anything that could have been done to make future service any abetter.  I am more than pleased with the care and treatment I received."

"I was so nervous over this, my first experience with eye surgery.  The staff was so very professional and caring and explained each detail I would be facing.  That calmed my fears.  I was the second patient for surgery.  When I saw the first patient come out of surgery so calm, I felt so much better.  I even looked forward to having the surgery done.  Surgery was a breeze and over before I knew it.  My sincerest thanks to everyone, doctor, nursing staff, anesthesioilogist, for eveything.  I would gladly come back for any needs inthe future regarding my eye care."

Linda Y. W. - August 2012

Dr. Spier,

"I cannot thank Dr. Spier evough for giving me back the gift of vision :).

Donna T. - August 2012

Dr. Spier,

"I am totally pleased with the service provided to me at this facility.  The staff and doctors were wonderful and a pleasure to deal with.  Thank you all for your time and effors so much!!!!"

Miriam B. - August 2012

Dr. Spier,

"Thank you very much for doing an excelled job.  Do not change anything.  Keep up the good work, God Bless You."

Christiana A. - August 2012

Dr. Spier,

"Yes, You are all the Best!!!!  May God bless Dr. Spier & Co."

Casmir O. - August 2012

Dr. Spier,

"You Are the Best!!!!"

Dianne M. - August 2012

Dr. Spier,

"I was very nervous and the staff, specifically Dr. Spier, the OR Nurse - Roz, and the anesthesiologist all contributed to helping me calm down".

Constance M. - August 2012

Dr. Crane,

"The surgery was good.  I had so much problem before the surgery.  Thanks to God and thanks also to Dr. Crane now one day after the surgery my vision is a lot lot better.  Thanks again."

Clairtida M. August 2012

Dr. Crane,

"Really appreciate the Institute van pick up and return."

David M. - July 2012

Dr. Gunzburg,

"Your facility is fantastic. Love it!"

Rose W. - July 2012

Dr. Crane, Mary K & Staff:

"Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of the previous Glaucoma Study.  It was a pleasure being a part of such a "Super" Group Study.  Everyone was so pleasant and cheerful!  P.S. You made my day!!

M.B.  June 30 2012

Dr. Spier,

"Thank you!.  The procedurew as painless and uncomplicated and I am thrilled with the results.  Thank you Dr. Spier and Mission Cataract."

Michael F. - June 2012

Dr. Spier

"Thank you for your care and kindness and most of all thanks for being the best eye doctor with all our appreciation and best wishes for a very successful future for always.................. Thank You.  Because you are the best..............."

L. A and Family May 2012

Dr. Spier & Staff

"Thank you all for your friendly hospitality and comforting support to give me the courage for cataract surgery.  Dr. Spier, I left all of my fears in your God given hands & eyes - "I can see clearly now, the rain has gone."  "There are no obstacles in my way."  It's a bright, bright sun shiny day.  God Bless."

Kathryn N. May 2012

Just a thank you for taking such good care of me and caring about MY eyes.  Dr. Crane and his entire staff have earned 5 stars!!  Thank you so much.  Well, the first thing everybody needs to do is to stop worrying.  Dr. Crane and his staff guide you through the "Jungle of Eye Surgery" like the best safari guides.  They care about you, your eyes and the final outcome as if it were their own eyes.  The operation is a breeze and the outcome is something to look forward to.  The biggest or should I say hardest obstacle to overcome is the bright sun light in the morning after your surgery.  I drive East on route 80 so the sun is right in your face.  I wore sunglasses with the ones Dr Crane gives you over them and still had trouble.  Dr. Crane assured me that that would clear up with time and it did.  It took two to three weeks but your eyes will return to their normal sensitivity.  Thank you Dr. Crane and Your Staff.

Willy D. 4/5/2012

Dear Dr. Crane,

A very special thanks to you and your staff for given excellent care to my husband during the time when he had cataract surgeries.  Thank you again you are the best!

Sincerely Maria N.  4/3/2012

Dear Dr. Crane,

You endeared yourself to me when I first met you because of your charming personality and your sincere desire to make you patients feel comfortable, be confident in you, and like you.  But you have forever endeared yourself to me by refusing to do my eye surgery on Monday March 26, 2012.  You showed absolute integrity, excellent medical practice and the ability to put the patient's wellbeing first.  I really respect you and your anesthetist for that.  I actually felt the way you felt, but because I wanted the surgery so bad, I was willing to minimize the extenuating circumstances and go ahead with the surgery.  But you and your partner were not and for that I am very grateful.  Thank you very much.

I will see you again in a few months.  I am going to give my body a chance to heal and regain its balance.  Mary is quite an asset to your team.  She was very helpful in explaining the pre-op and post-op procedures and what to expect.

Thanks a million

Charlotte J. (RN)  4/3/2012

Dear Dr. Charles (Crane) and Staff,

     " Thank you very much for your dedication, kindness, patience and above all your extraordinary competence as an Eye Surgeon!

Emerita C. and Family



"The entire procedure was a "walk in the park" - everything first rate.  One felt that the staff was always concerned about my well being.  I've already recommended your facility to others."

Gloria D.


"Thank you for working this miracle! You, your colleagues, and staff are the best.  I have never been a patient with a facility as pleasant as yours.  Thank you so much for caring."

Shylo R.

"I cannot begin to tell you how great the service that I received from the time the van picked me up and took me to the doctor's office.  Everyone was so kind, courteous, and professional.  I would recommend you to anyone that needed your services.  Thank you very much."

David M.

"I must say you have an awesome staff.  Later this afternoon I could see the difference in my left eye and my right eye.  God bless you Dr. Crane."

Julia M.

It became necessary for me to write this letter acknowledging you and your staff. My family and I would like to thank you for restoring to me the precious gift of sight.
Before my surgery, I was pessimistic about the outcome of my eyes. After observing the care and compassion you and your staff display to each of your patients, I knew I was in "good" hands. You operated with precision and perfection. The warmth of your "bed side manner" coupled with jovial professionalism made me feel less afraid to have the surgery.

I am happy and impressed with the results off the surgery. I would highly recommend your practice to anyone who has any problem or concern with their eyes. May God continue to guide your hands to do the skillful work of improving patient's lives.

With warmest regards,

I would like to thank you for being able to see again as if I were a teenager. It is a pleasure being able to read comfortable and not having to experience anxiety when I could not see well enough to find my glasses. You have been very kind and your staff is excellent and professional. Thank you again for my much improved eyesight.

Sincerely, Frances

Words can not express how I feel about you. You showed genuine concern about the health of my eyes. There were times I felt like giving up, but you kept insisting. You even sent me a letter to me expressing your concerns. I'm glad I put my trust in you because you were right. I know I can't see all the letters on the chart, but I now can things that I didn't see before I met you. You are truly appreciated.

Thank you for being very patient with me. It's because of you I see less shadow and more sun.


“My family was surprised to be able to view the whole procedure on the TV.  Dr Crane was very courteous, so was the entire staff.  I’ll recommend your facility to others anytime, but most of all Dr Crane.”

Juanita V.

“Your service is superb.”

Lorene N.

“I was in shock to find out I can drive without my glasses.  It’s like getting my life back.  I don’t feel my age as I used to.  Thank You to Dr Crane and staff.  I will recommend this surgery to my friends without a doubt”

Jorge M.

“Thank everyone for their concern and kindness.  Thank you Dr Spier for your excellent medical care.”

Edna S.

“One of the best facilities I have availed myself of any where in the world! Congratulations on your establishment and concern for patients.”


“I do not need glasses for distance – quite an adjustment after wearing glasses for about 58 years”

Ann M.

“It felt so people friendly.  I am very happy with my procedures.”

Mary D.

“I was very pleased with the staff and service.  Everyone was very helpful.

Seymour R.

Dr. Spier and Staff:

I’m sending this note to say thank you for taking great care of my eyes over the years, and for the very professional way you treat your patients. Dr Spier, with my medical history, you have been most diligent in diagnosing and treating problems that could have become quire serious. I was elated on my last visit to receive a good report and won’t need a follow up for a year. Kudos to you all! Thank You for caring!

Carmen C.

Dr. B.C. Spier:

Thank You a million times for helping me get my sight back and to your staff I also say Thank you.

Louis C.

“I was blessed to be treated and cared for by the original “Dream Team”. Words cannot express my deepest appreciation”


Dear Dr. Spier

Thank you very much for giving me back my eyesight. It’s a miracle this could ever happen to me, God Bless you and always guide your hands to heal. I can’t thank you enough. I will always remember you, always.

January 17, 2005

"Went to see Dr. Crane about having my cataract done. He told me about a new lens that had just come out, and that he was having a lot of success with them. Since they were so new, my health plan would not pay for them. I went home and thought about it, to try to ask around for opinions or if anyone had got them. Everybody had an opinion and it was driving me nuts! I should say that the new lens, about 80% of them were able to read with them. Whereas, with the old lens I would probably be getting reading glasses.

So, my next appointment with Dr. Crane I had come to a decision, I was going with the new lens.

After the first surgery on my left eye, I cam home and for the 1st time in 52 years, I could see far away! So, the next day I started trying to read newspapers, books, etc. I didn't have too much luck, but I kept at it.

The next week I had my second eye done. Same thing, I kept trying to read. I was getting a little upset and thought I was in the 20% that would need reading glasses.

Six days after the surgery, I had gotten up, made my coffee and sat down with my newspaper and getting prepared to struggle with it. I stared at the paper and realized I could read! It was like a miracle. I was given a new pair of eyes! It was worth the money and if anyone asks me about the new lens I will say go for it!"

Nancy W.

Dear Doctors:

Dr. Marc and I thank you for ................................ We are
pleased that we have such competent doctors as you to provide meaningful medical services to our patients. We wish you a
Happy and Healthy New Year!

Sincerely Yours,
H. Weiner, O.D., F.C.O.V.D.

Dear Dr. Crane,

Many thanks to you and your staff for taking such good care of me. The difference in my eye sight is amazing! Suddenly all colors have become very vivid, and I especially notice that in my flower garden."

Thank You,

Dear Dr. Spier,

On behalf of the Medical Staff and the CME Committee, I wish to thank you for your recent presentation on Cataract Surgery . We appreciate the time you invested in preparing for this program as well as the time you took to speak to us...

Again, thank you for participating in our CME program.

Very truly yours,

Dear Dr. Spier

Thank you very much for giving me back my eyesight. It's a miracle this could ever happen to me, God Bless you and always guide your hands to heal. I can't thank you enough. I will always remember you, always.


Dear Dr. Crane,

I could not let another moment pass before I took out the time to express my appreciation regarding the successful surgery you performed on both of my eyes on December 11, 1998 at the Northern, New Jersey Eye Institute.

You exemplified the process of providing competent amiable physician skills. Your evaluation via assessing, evaluating and consistently consulting with me in regards to my progress was excellent.

Especially I will always remember your professionalism, your thoughtfulness and your genuine interest in me as a person. You are truly dedicated and committed to heath care and superior customer service.

I hope I will be able, in the future, to recommend others to you.

Truly Yours,

To Dr. Crane & Staff:

With hearty thanks for your excellent eye care.

Sincerely your patient,

Dear Dr, Crane,

Thank you for your letter of August 4, which was much appreciated. I will continue to buy "The Science Times" every Tuesday while I am here in the United States and send you articles about the eyes. There is a Chinese saying:

I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand

Thanks to the Northern New Jersey Eye Institute I have 20/20 vision with glasses for reading and writing. With best wishes and kind regards.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Spier,

I thank God for you and your competent staff for my successful eye surgery. The flower added a beautiful touch.

Sincerely, Kathleen

Dear Dr Crane,

This card reminded me of the hippie years, when I came of age. Seeing things in different ways was the order of the day, and 'far out' was the best description of how we saw. What better expression from a *former* high myop of 50+ years than....far out, the way I see now!

Your talents and skills have given me this most amazing gift that seems very far out indeed - I couldn't have imagined such a thing. Only in my dreams was I not encumbered with glasses. My only, ever wish to the fairy godmother was to wake up in the morning and SEE without glasses.

Little did I know that I did have a fairy godmother and that she would guide me to your door. So, thank you to my fairy godmother, and a mega thank you to you, Dr Crane, for your years of learning and practice to bring me what I never believed possible.

Tears in my precious eyes, from my heart to yours.

Your Best Fan,
Barbara W.

  Dr. DDr. Crane,

I chose you because I wanted the best.  My eye looks fabulous!

Dr.  L