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Dr Spier Discusses the Implant (Toric) for Astigmatism Correction

Video Transcription:

Hello and welcome. I'm Dr. Bernard Spier with the Northern New Jersey Eye Institute. We are happy to have you here today to learn more about the exciting new advances that will restore the quality of your vision and the quality of your lifestyle. As your own journey to clear vision begins, knowledge and understanding can make the trip a whole lot easier, that’s why we’ve recommended this program to guide you through the process and patient experiences with the technology. After this program, you’ll gain the confidence that comes with knowing the facts. At the Northern New Jersey Eye Institute, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality care. If you have any questions at the conclusion of this program, please speak with me or a member of our staff, we look forward to helping you restore the quality of your vision, so let’s get started today by learning how this exciting new age in vision care can help you change the way you see and live.

“It got to the point to where I could not drive at night anymore; I could not drive with glasses, without glasses, with contacts, nothing.”

“In the accounting you have to be exact. So maybe a 6 and 8 or 9 and an 8 can be a problem.”

“Everything we do in life, so much of it is visually related and to me, you know, because I enjoy doing so many things it would be very scary to lose the vision that you do have and to have it worsen where it would make it hard for you to live”.

“I thought that I could have cataract when I began to have more difficulties driving at night.”

“I had gotten to the point where I was not very confident in riding on my bike anymore because I was afraid that I’d run into something.”

“You could say that, oh gosh, that's probably Mary but maybe it’s not, you know, but you waved anyway.”

As we age so do our eyes, in time everyone develops cataracts. Cataracts are clouding of your eyes lens that could impair your vision in a number of ways.

“It couldn’t read streets sign until you got right on top of 'em.”

“I like to play golf couple of days a week. It was challenging sometimes to know exactly where the ball was.”

“Colors were not as bright as they should have been or as they were for me at one time.”

“The door of my home is not beige. Mustard!”

Millions of Americans who have cataracts also have astigmatism.

“When I was growing up I had 20-20 vision.  It was sometime after high school I started to wear glasses for astigmatism.  Astigmatism as I understand it, is, I believe your eyes are supposed to be round, astigmatism it shaped like a football and that does impair your vision.”

“When I went to contacts, it was much nicer as far as appearance but the maintenance is a pain in the neck and these astigmatic contact lenses were very expensive.”

“I always heard when you have cataract you have to weight until it is bigger or you are completely cloudy and that's not true.”

“I was nervous. I think you have to be, I mean, whenever you eyesight is affected, but you have to have confidence in the doctors.”

The only way to correct cataracts is thru surgery, the good news is that cataracts surgery is one of the safest and most effective procedure performed today.  Your doctor will make a tiny incision in your eye by using an instrument about the size of the pen tip to gently separate and remove the cataract. Once it’s removed a new lens is inserted that unfolds into its permanent position.

“It explains the same day procedure. First day, do one eye and then the following week they do the second eye and you just need somebody to drive you because you can’t drive obviously that day”

“You go in and they gave you an intravenous and put all kinds of drops and everything in your eye.”

“The doctor does explain what his going to do is and it was very pleasant, you know, you don’t even feel anything and then the next morning i was able to drive to the doctor myself if you can imagine and he just check to make sure that the surgery had gone well.”

If you want to be less dependent on glasses after surgery you’ll need to correct your cataracts and your astigmatism, fortunately there’s now lens that let you do both at the same time. ACRYSOF TORIC lens.

“If you have a surgery for the cataracts and you have a toric lens put in you’re doing both. You’re having your astigmatism corrected and as well as having your cataracts removed.”

The breakthrough ACRYSOF TORIC lens works with the abnormal curvature of your eye to correct the blur caused by astigmatism as well as the fog caused by the cataracts.

“I was so excited; I am still excited with the results because I love to see things like they are.”

“I think driving that night after surgery was probably the way it was when I was 20 years old you didn’t have that halo effect, everything was sharper, I could read the exit sign quicker.”

“When I had the Toric lens put in I noticed the difference almost immediately.  Funny thing is that for weeks, and I mean weeks after I had this procedure, every time I would go to do something I’d start to reach my glasses because I was so used to wearing the  glasses  that and then I stopped and I think wait a minute you don’t need to use those!”

“It was so amazing to see things, details that I have missed so many years.”

“I had two cats and I am amazed that the first time that, I mean, that I thought that I always saw everything on cats but actually seeing the fur the way that the actual fur grows I did not realize that I was not able to see it before.”

If you have cataracts and astigmatism, your doctor will help you decide if the Acrytoric lens is the right for you.

“I love to go to the beach. I like to swim, and when you are swimming you can’t wear glasses.”

“That riding the bike, it’s made a big difference. All my confidence has come back. The Toric lens has been really, I don’t know, I can’t say enough good about it.

“I think you become accepting of what you’re seeing and you don’t really know what the opportunities are to make it better until you actually have it done.”

“Maybe someday, they will make a surgery, a different surgery to make you feel one hundred percent jungle but..”