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5 Steps to Prepare for LASIK Surgery

Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, simply known as LASIK, is a type of surgery that helps people achieve near-perfect vision and eliminate the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses. The procedure is safe and is performed in numerous New Jersey LASIK clinics. However, we strongly recommend that the patient undergoes the following preparations to help ensure a successful surgery successful that is free of complications.

Step 1: Schedule a meeting with a surgeon in the New Jersey LASIK medical center of your choosing before the operation.

This process allows the patient and surgeon to thoroughly discuss medical history and pre and post-operative expectations.Checkmark - Northern New Jersey Eye Institute

Step 2: On the day of the surgery, be sure to remove any foreign materials from the face.

This includes everything from makeup and lotion to contact lenses (so your eyes experience as little irritation as possible leading up to the procedure).

Step 3: Arrange for someone to accompany you home post-surgery.

This is especially important if you typically drive to and from your eye doctor’s office.  

Step 4: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to maximize your level of relaxation heading into the procedure.

In addition, superfluous items like jewelry, accessories and anything else that could potentially interfere with the New Jersey LASIK procedure.

Step 5: Double check on the scheduled date, time, and location at least a day ahead of time with the clinic.

At this time they should remind you to bring any required documentation, if any is required.