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Intralase Patient Information Video


*Lasik Procedure *

Client 1 :  For years, I’ve dreamed about waking up in the morning, opening my eyes and just being able to see clearly without having to reach for my glasses. I’m just tired of not being able to see. Now I’m better without these things.

Client 2 : The reason why I wanted to get LASIK Surgery is, I have a 5 year old daughter and she sleeps in the downstairs of our house. And when she cries in the middle of the night, I have to jump up, find my glasses, run downstairs. And now I just jump out of the bed and I can see and it’s great!

Client 3 : I play a lot of beach volleyball but the sand and the sun, contacts and glasses, they just don’t work. That’s why for me, LASIK makes sense

Client 1 : It didn’t take long for me to realize LASIK was the way to go. It appears to be safe with millions of procedures that have been performed. It’s a proven procedure and the results? Well, I have plenty of friends who love it! So that was a no-brainer  to me, the concerned is about cutting the flap. I studied website after website but still, the idea of a metal blade cutting my eye? It freaks me out.  And just when I was ready to stick with my glasses, a friend told me about the Blade FREE Intralase Method.

The Intralase Method is a 100% Blade Free approach to Corneal Flap Creation. The critical first step in the LASIK procedure. The creation of the corneal flap prepares the eye for the 2nd step of the LASIK procedure with another laser known as an Excimer Laser, is used on the inner cornea to correct vision unlike other procedures, the Intralase method creates the corneal flap by applying tiny rapid pulses of laser light not a metal blade. Each pulse of light passes through the top layer of the cornea and forms a microscopic bubble at a specific depth and position within your eye which is determined by your doctor. As the Intralase laser moves back and forth the across your eye, a uniform layer of  bubbles forms just below the corneal surface. Your doctor creates your corneal flap by gently separating the tissue where the bubbles are formed. The corneal flap is then folded back so the doctor can perform the second step of your corrective treatment.

Doctor : The Intralase flap heals faster and stronger and since we can tailor-make the flap for every patient, we can create a flap that allows us to preserve a lot more tissue so the eye is mechanically stronger.

More patients in clinical studies achieved vision that is 20/20 or better with the Lasik procedure is performed with the Intralase method and patients report better quality of vision overall, particularly with their ability to see well in low light such as at dusk or at night

Client 5 : As a former fighter pilot, I can totally appreciate the need to have excellent high quality and high clarity vision

At the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, a study was conducted among 199 navy pilots. The result show that military personnel treated with the Intralase laser had faster visual recovery and better contrast sensitivity and acuity at all postoperative periods

Client 5 : Basically you need good vision for every aspect of life. You don’t just need good vision, you need excellent vision. The better the pilot, generally the better the vision.

Are you ready for an INTRALASE? If you’re looking for a 100% Blade Free Lasik experience that virtually eliminates almost all of the most severe sight-threatening complications, the answer is YES. In order to have these procedures, you have to locate an experienced physician who is certified to performed the Intralase method.

Client 1 : Finding a Doctor in my area was amazingly easy. Actually the best source for locating a doctor who uses the Intralase method is on the Intralase Website. I found a lot of good background information to help answer any of my question and I have a lot of questions. Afterall, these are the only eyes I have.

Let’s take a look at some common questions you might have about the Intralase Method and the LASIK procedure


Client 2 : The Intralase Method was not painful. What I felt was a little bit of pressure at first and then really nothing and then it was over. It was just so fast

Doctor : I tell my patients is that the reason I chose Intralase is because of its safety. It’s absolutely the safest method of creating a flap and it also increases the accuracy of the procedure so that chances of getting the perfect vision are the highest by using Intralase

Client 6 : Maybe it takes minutes but I only felt like a couple of seconds. Next thing I know he was working on the other eye

Client 7 : Procedure for me was very quick. I was in the operating room. Not very long at all. It seemed like it was over in a flash. My nerves were so high and really, by at the time I’d settled down, it was over.

Doctor : It only takes 15 seconds to make the flap and patients are amazed that it goes by surprise. They always asked me ‘is it finished?’ 'are you done?'

Client 2 : Having the all laser method was the key for me because I just would not do it if I had to have a razor blade cut open my eye. There’s just no way

Client 8 : Fantastic. I have freedom now, I have never known before. I went in  to have the procedure, there was no pain involved and I could see immediately.

Client 7 : Actually in terms of not paying for any glasses or contacts ever again in my life, far outweigh any cost that I was gonna pay for a Lasik procedure. I also was offered great financing opportunities at the center I had the surgery done.

Client 2 : For me it was a total no brainer. I had spent so much money on glasses and contacts and solution over the years and I was able to use my husband’s flexible spending account through work and those are pre- tax dollars which made it even more affordable. I just think I got a great price and a great physician along with it.

Client 1 : I decided that Lasik with the Intralase method was the only choice for me. I couldn’t see the uncertainty of the blade over the precision of the Intralase method.

The Intralase method provides you better vision, additional safety, the highest degree of precision and predictability, individualized flap, fewer re-treatments and it’s patient-preferred

Are you ready to take the next step to better vision? All Laser LASIK using the Intralase method is one of the safest, most trusted procedure available. Check out the facts for yourself ( www.Intralasefacts.com) and when you decide you want Lasik that is 100% BLADE FREE, ask your physician for an Intralase Method by  name.