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Are You Eligible for LASIK Surgery?

LASIK refers to a procedure done on the eyes to correct vision problems.

If your vision is impaired, how do you know if you should set up an appointment with an NJ LASIK surgeon?

Most importantEye exam - Northern New Jersey Eye Institutely, you have to know if you are a qualifying candidate. LASIK surgery works best for those over 18. Vision fluctuates during the teenage years, so those under 18 shouldn’t consider NJ LASIK surgery. People suffering from diabetes and women who are pregnant also do not qualify for an NJ LASIK surgery.

One should only undergo NJ LASIK surgery after a thorough medical eye exam. The exam will evaluate the patient and go over the patient’s medical history. This step is crucial because it will help your eye surgeon decide whether or not LASIK is right for you.

Athletes that participate in contact sports deserve special consideration if thinking about laser vision correction. Though a patient should experience clear vision within a few days, fluctuations in vision can occur for up to six months. Athletes must be willing to stop playing until the eye completely recovers from the NJ LASIK surgery.