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3-Step Preparation for LASIK Surgery

Successful LASIK surgeries allow patients to see clearly without the use of glasses or contact lenses. Designed to correct refractive errors and refocusing the power of the eyes, LASIK is a non-invasive procedure to correct errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Here are three steps to prepare for LASIK surgery:

Step 1: Consult with your chosen New Jersey LASIK doctor prior to the surgery.

The meeting will allow you to discuss expectations, the benefits and risks of the surgery, and any other concerns you may have. After careful evaluation by the eye doctor, you’ll know if LASIK surgery is right for you and if you want to proceed to the next step.

A Checklist for Lasik Surgery Preparation

Step 2: Take precautions in the days before the surgery.

Stop wearing makeup, facial lotions, eye creams and perfumes. These products may leave residues within the eye area and cause infection, so it's wise to avoid them before the surgery. You should not wear contact lenses and minimize any contact with your eyes as the date of the procedure approaches.

Step 3: Get enough rest.

Your New Jersey LASIK eye physician will advise you to get enough sleep before the surgery, as well-rested eyes mean higher chances of a smooth, complication-free procedure. The road to recovery will be faster if your body is relaxed during the procedure. Taking these steps and having the surgery performed by a highly qualified New Jersey LASIK doctor should result in your vision becoming crystal clear.